Mail Security

Protect your business from the latest malware and emerging online threats with our solution from McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee integrates anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-virus software with security management features. This delivers unsurpassed real-time visibility and analytics, reduces risk, ensures compliance, improves internet security and helps businesses achieve optimal operational efficiencies. Protect your network – your servers, PC’s, mobile devices and data.

Protect your PC’s, servers, mobile devices and more
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Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus powered by McAfee

Email Security

  • Inbound spam and virus filtering
  • Outbound email virus and content filtering
  • Spooling of messages if your email servers are unavailable
  • Transport layer encryption

Content Policy Management

  • Manage email file attachments
  • Customisable content-based rules
  • Compliance lexicons
  • Regular expression pattern matching


  • User interface: English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish


  • Hierarchy Setup
  • Up to 2 hours technical training
  • 24*7 Support

McAfee benefits

A safe route for mail entering your network

McAfee intercepts and filters out spam, viruses and malicious attacks such as (DOS) denial of service and directory harvest attacks before they are delivered to your mail servers. There is no message loss and the administrator has complete transparency, being able to see all filtered mail – accepted and rejected.

McAfee guarantees availability and delivery

You can rest at ease knowing that McAffe guarantees 99.999% email processing availability and 100% virus protection for email.

Email policies set by you

Create your own email usage policies to suit your company or legislation. Customise polices via a simple easy-to-use management interface to role-based groups or individuals.

Setup and maintenance made easy by Fortis

Fortis Hosting will work with your Network Administrators to seamlessly manage the setup of McAfee to work for your email system. We will provide guidance from start to finish, including McAfee’s hierarchy set-up and full administrator training.

Data protection

If you are required to send and receive protected sensitive messages, McAfee allows the use of industry standard SSL and TLS protocols

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