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WHOIS Privacy

Once a domain name is purchased and registered, the owner’s personal information is made publicly available via a WHOIS Lookup service. All details including your name, address, phone number and email address are displayed. This information can be misused by spammers, hackers and identity thieves, who can easily collect your contact details which are visible. By purchasing the WHOIS Privacy service from just £4.99 per year your details are hidden from the public as our Fortis Hosting proxy contacts will be shown instead – see the table below.

Domain DetailsWithout Domain PrivacyWith Domain Privacy
Name of OwnerYour NameFortis Hosting Provider Name
EmailYour email addressFortis Hosting Provider Email
AddressYour addressFortis Hosting Provider Address
Contact NumberYour contact numberFortis Hosting Provider Number

Domain Privacy for New Domains

When you register a new domain with us, you will have the option to add Domain Privacy during the order process.

Buy Domain Privacy for an existing domain from just £4.99 per year

If you would like to add WhoIS privacy option to a domain or all domains you hold with Fortis Hosting, simply log onto your Control Panel account and select the WhoIs Privacy under domains.

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