Sou Sou Partners – An executive search company

Sousou Partners are an executive search firm specialising in real estate, with offices in London and New York. Their network infrastructure was made up of physical servers based in London, with users in New York connecting to the network via RDP. The infrastructure was supported and maintained by an external IT company based in London, and a desktop support company local to the New York office.

The Requirement

Sousou Partners asked Fortis Hosting for an independent review of their infrastructure, and to assess the feasibility of migrating to a cloud-based system. Based on this, a detailed requirements report had to be supplied to prospective IT providers chosen by Sousou Partners. We were tasked with fully managing the tender process for Sousou Partners from start to finish.

The Outcome

As part of the tender process, we managed individual tender pitches and provided a detailed report on each of the prospective suppliers. Following careful analsyis, we recommended the supplier best suited to accommodate Sousou Partners’ business needs.

Rueben Sinclair – A recruitment consultancy

Rueben Sinclair are a recruitment consultancy based in the city of London, providing niche operational and sales professionals. An expanding business, Rueben Sinclair have 20 users, who travel frequently, and the number is expected to grow by 50% in a matter of months.

The Requirement

The company started with three users who used a small SBS server for their IT needs. As Rueben Sinclair grew, the performance of their internal hardware was no longer sufficient, which in turn, substantially reduced business efficiency. Fortis Hosting became involved when there were 10 users and a new solution was needed. Adding to the urgency, the move to a new CRM (RDP ProNet) was not possible with the existing infrastructure.

The Outcome

Fortis Hosting proposed a cloud-based solution that would provide the right level of flexibility and functionality required by the firm’s consultants, and enhanced IT resilience for the business. We fully managed the migration from the existing infrastructure to the cloud (including the management and hosting of the new CRM). Rueben Sinclair are now on a multi-server (clustered) cloud environment and use our web app solution to access applications and files, including Microsoft Office, SAGE and the RDB ProNet CRM.

Fortis Hosting manages and supports the full IT environment including the recent addition of the firm’s online live job board, having also managed its development, hosting and implementation. We have since delivered fully hosted VoIP services for Rueben Sinclair as well.

Flexi Financials – An accountancy firm

Flexi Financials are a specialist accountancy services provider that also runs a number of smaller organisations providing business solutions. They have 25 users with an additional cluster of users in their other companies.

The Requirement

Flexi Financials had an in-house infrastructural set-up that eroded their efficiency as the organisation diversified and grew. Flexi needed a more centralised solution that would allow fluid sharing of sales and operational data. The solution also had to allow continuous personalisation and flexibility as business needs changed. Their ISDN phone systems were also inflexible and limiting.

The Outcome

Fortis Hosting proposed a cloud-hosted solution that would allow full customisation on availability of application and services to different users. Fortis fully manage all of Flexi Financials’ infrastructure including their VoIP solution. Flexi are now hosted on a multi-server (clustered) cloud environment with multiple accounting and CRM/ERP applications fully customised for each user’s requirements, all of which required fully customised servers to adhere to each application’s needs..

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